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Kensington Pram

The Kensington embodies all the high quality cues of our traditional pram designs, but adds an element of practicality with a detachable body and fold-down chassis. Still hand made and hand finished in Yorkshire by skilled caftsmen, every detail of the Kensington reflects the appeal and precision of classic British design. With all round suspension and a beautiful white cotton pram comfort and ride for happy, peaceful newborns.

It includes:
Kensington pram, Kensington hood & apron, Deep padded mattress, Large shopping basket, White leather harness, Certificate of authenticity

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The Kensington is a practical classic with a detachable body and wheels, and fully folding chassis, defined by a sweeping curve. Its handpainted steel body, highly polished chrome chassis and unique suspension design work in much the same way that the Balmoral does, giving the ride a beautiful gliding sensation, without compromising on safety.


  • Suitable from birth with fully lie flat position
  • Adjustable seat supports your child when they sit up in thr pram
  • All round suspension for a soft ride
  • Foldable chassis for transportation and storage
  • Large wheels with puncture resistant tyres
  • Handle height 94cm
  • There is no car seat to fit this chassis

What we love about Kensington:

  • The Kensington Pram body is finished in a high gloss finish with hand painted fine line detailing
  • The all round suspension provides an incredibly smooth ride for baby
  • The large puncture resistant wheels create the special Kensington ride
  • The hood and apron are hand stitched from hard wearing fabrics and feature chrome plated tensioners finished with Yorkshire Rose detailing
  • The large shopping basket is easy to clip onto the chassis and is perfect for carrying all the essentials


     Kensington Pram      Hood & Apron     Large Shopping Basket   Deep Padded Mattress
         Leather Harness           Leather Handle       Certificate of Authenticity            Foot Brake


Length: 133cm | Width: 58cm | Height: 120cm

Internal Dimensions::

Length: 78cm | Width: 36cm | Height: 18cm


Body: 14kg | Chassis: 13kg

Chassis Dimensions:

89cm | Width: 13kg | Height: 48cm