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Blossom Dolls Pram

Blossom is a gorgeous pink and white children's toy pram.

Handmade in Yorkshire, England, every single one of our exquisite dolls prams is handmade to the same exacting standards we have employed for generations. These special edition prams come with a selection of extras and are strictly limited in production, making them extra special for your little one.

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Special Edition Fabric:

The gorgeous special edition fabric is finished in a stunning shimmering pink colour. The hood also features beautiful hand-stitched detailing.

Floral Lining:

Stunning floral lining contrasts beautifully to the high sheen fabric of the doll's pram outer.

Classic C-Spring Suspension:

Classic c-suspension for the ultimate Silver Cross ride. The patented c-spring suspension provides a peerlessly smooth ride, unique to Silver Cross.

Matching Bag:

A beautiful matching changing bag is also included in the same shimmering pink and teal floral fabric.

Highly Polished Body:

The body comes in a highly polished white finish with a gorgeous trademark pink line detail to contrast the high shine white body.

Chrome Spoked Wheels:

The dolls pram wheels are meticulously hand spoked and finished in stunning chrome.


Dolls Pram Shimmering Pink Hood & Apron Matching Bag

Age Suitability:

Suitable from approx. 3-7 years


Length: 94cm | Width: 45cm | Height: 94cm

Handle Height: approx 76cm

Weight: 12.5kg

Shopping tray not included/ sold separately